The goal of our project is to try and decrease the number of homeless people and try and help these people. We have been working on this project from February to May. In my project there are three more people beside me. We want to try and help lessen this problem of homelessness. I want people to become more aware of homelessness and see just how big of a problem it really is. The project hasn’t been that successful because we didn’t really manage to achieve anything, but we made more people aware of homelessness as we got a good number of views.   

More people became aware of homelessness because the issue was exposed to new people. This can be seen through our blog and petition. We were able to get 131 views and 67 visitors. This means a good number of people saw what were advocating for and the problem were trying to solve. More people became aware of how much of a problem homelessness  as just how serious it really is.  

We weren’t successful in our endeavor because on our petition we were only able to get 12 signatures even though we had over 40 views for the petition. This means that a lot of people saw our petition about homelessness, but many of them didn’t care. So this shows that not many people chose to support our cause.

More people became aware of homelessness, but that chose to ignore it and didn’t take it as something serious or important. It is important to see that homelessness is actually a really bid problem. Things I could do next time to improve my project is post about it on multiple social media platforms, make it more interesting and sound important. You can check out my post at


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